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Dental Exams and Cleanings for Kids in Pflugerville, TX

Anthony Bain DDS in Pflugerville, TX offers bi-annual dental exams and cleanings for kids of all ages as recommended by the American Dental Association. Our patients include infants with their first tooth coming in, teenagers with a complete set of adult teeth, and every age in between. While they might be at different stages in life, what they all have in common is a caring and dedicated dental team committed to ensuring they have a healthy set of teeth and beautiful smile.
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What to Expect at a Pediatric Dental Exam

Even if children don’t have a complete set of adult teeth, regular checkups at the dentist are still an important part of their health care. Brushing at home is essential, but it can’t fully remove the plaque and tartar that forms on teeth. Our dental cleanings remove this stubborn buildup. Exams also allow us to check for the progress of incoming teeth, look for any overcrowding, and monitor the child’s bite. And we don’t solely focus on teeth. Our exams include the gums, tongue, and walls of the mouth to look for any concerns. Uncovering and handling a minor dental issue early on is much easier and more enjoyable for the child than waiting too long and requiring a more intrusive fix.
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A Compassionate Team for Your Family

As they say, prevention is the best medicine. Our bi-annual dental exams and cleanings are designed to keep children's teeth and gums healthy and reduce the need for fillings, extractions, or other restorative procedures. Another benefit of keeping to this schedule is that it enables our team of dental providers to develop a familiar and productive relationship with your child and family. When kids get into the habit of visiting the dentist regularly, it becomes part of a routine and less of a worry.

We are now accepting new patients of all ages. Whether you have an infant whose first tooth is starting to show or you're new to the area and need a trustworthy and fun dentist for your older children, we welcome you to contact us and schedule an annual dental exam and cleaning for your child. The road to optimal oral health starts here!

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